Sunday, January 31, 2010

Idaho Baptists Caught Smuggling Children Out of Haiti

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

A group of ten very self-righteous Baptists from Idaho have been arrested for attempting to spirit thirty-three children out of Haiti. The group apparently claims to have been doing God's work in "rescuing" these "orphans" aged two months to twelve years. Unfortunately for the accused child traffickers, God did not provide any paperwork that would have permitted the activity. Haitian authorities have stopped all out-of-country adoptions out of fear that children with parents or relatives still alive on Haiti were being scooped up by nefarious felons eager to place these children with desperate adoptive parents - for a nice fee, of course.

Some Haitian authorities state that the Baptists were taking the children to a temporary orphanage in the Dominican Republic, from where they would later be sent to adoptive homes for a fee of $10,000 each. The jailed Baptists deny that charge.

One "orphan" girl, aged eight or nine, who was a part of the group rescued by the Haitian government, told officials that she was not an orphan. She thought that she was being taken to a boarding school or a summer camp.

Amanda Weisbaum, of the official group, Save the Children, said, "The Haitian government was quite right to halt these people at the border if they felt they didn't have the right paperwork." Actually, they had no paperwork.

Today there are Americans from coast-to-coast raising money and collecting supplies to send to Haiti. Aid and charity organizations are in Haiti doing unbelievably hard work to bring relief to the suffering. What a shame that child snatchers are using this catastrophe to meet their own religious, political, or economic agendas. If these people want to be helpful, they should be moving rubble, delivering aid, and burying the dead - not stealing Haiti's future!


molly said...

scott was just telling me about this

The Werewolf Prophet said...

Hey, Pa Rock!

I'm researching this story, and have not come across anything (yet!) about these child snatchers adopting out the kidnapped kids for $10,000. Do you have a source for this?


Phillipia said...

Wow...I saw the headlines but did not take the time to read the articles (I was at work - working). How unbelievable what some people will do ...