Monday, February 1, 2010

Offending Google

by Pa Rock
Frustrated Blogger

I have spent the last thirty minutes trying to post a comment to my blogpost from last night. A reader, The Werewolf Prophet, aka "Wolfie," asked about the source of a remark that I made about the going price of Haitian children. For reasons unfathomable to me, blogspot will not take my comment - so I am posting it here on its own. (Have I offended Google? Is that worse than offending the Southern Baptist Convention? Or Catholic Charities?)


Last night several news sources were quoting an anonymous policeman who felt that was the going rate. Today several more sources are talking about international adoptions usually require "processing fees" of up to $10,000.

Today, I found this tidbit at

"As far as we know they would have been, I say it clearly, sold for $10,000 each," said Georg Willeit, who runs the SOS Children's Village outside of Port-au-Prince. "That's what one of the policemen told us."

SOS stands for Save Our Children, a legitimate child advocacy organization.

Not airtight, but I never said it was. These international adoptions can be a real racket. Even domestic adoptions of perfect white babies through religious organizations can be quite pricey. Catholic Charities, I'm looking at you!

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