Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dig, Plant, Water, Repeat

by Pa Rock

I'm still destroying and rebuilding my yard, one small section at a time.

Last night I planted a standard navel orange tree in the back yard. That and the new strawberry patch are my only back yard improvements so far, but I am also looking at getting a barbecue charcoal smoker and a picnic table for that part of the yard. It will be my little private respite area, a good place to bang on the computer or write in peace.

Tonight I worked at clearing the spot out front by the road where the bougainvillea bush recently resided. I got it leveled off and the border straightened. Then I stood back and tried to come up with a plan for that spot. I had been considering a century plant, but since the spot is right on the road, I figured that an expensive century plant would certainly get run over sooner or later. Then, as I looked around, what should I spy but some big chunks of prickly pear cactus that my neighbor had just lopped off of one of his overgrown yard specimens. The neighbor was very happy to let me have as much as would fit nicely in my spot. He said that the park manager was going to pick up whatever was left over and have his wife fry it for supper. (I had fried cactus once in Sedona - and it was really good!)

I planted three starts of prickly pear in the newly bare spot - which completes the front yard - for today!

Dig, plant, water, repeat ... ad infinitum!

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