Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Terrorist is a Terrorist is a Terrorist!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

If nineteen young men, mostly from Saudi Arabia, fly hi-jacked passenger planes into both towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania - that's terrorism! I buy that definition wholeheartedly! (Of course, if the attacks of these Saudis somehow lead us to declare war on Afghanistan and Iraq, that's just goofy, and I do not agree with that.)

It was also terrorism when Timothy McVeigh parked a Ryder truck loaded with explosives in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. McVeigh drove off nonchalantly in a waiting car and was undoubtedly still within earshot when the truck exploded and killed 168 members of the human race and injured 680 others, destroyed or damaged 324 buildings within a sixteen square block area, and destroyed 86 vehicles. Did I mention that 19 of the dead were children? That was terrorism - big time!

And there was another terrorist attack last week when an angry old man, Joseph Andrew Stack, flew his aircraft into a building in Austin, Texas, that houses the local offices of Internal Revenue Service. It seems Mr. Stack felt that he had been hassled by the IRS, and his solution was to fly a suicide mission into the offices of his nemesis. He also burned his house to the ground before the flight so those sneaky tax bastards couldn't seize it to pay for the damages that he was about to inflict on their offices.

Mr. Stack succeeded in killing himself in his protest, and he also managed to kill one other individual - 68-year-old Vernon Hunter, an IRS employee.

Ken Hunter, the victim's son, is mad, damned mad! He has heard people referring to the terrorist, Andrew Stack, as some sort of hero instead of the murdering bastard that he really was. The victim, Vernon Hunter, served two tours in Vietnam. The victim was the real hero - not the terrorist! Just ask Ken.

Ken Hunter has plenty of reason to be pissed off. There are certain scary elements in our society who are trying to deify Andrew Stack. He did, after all, attack the IRS. One of the proposed tenets of the Tea Bagger movement is to abolish the 16th Amendment - a move that would do away with the IRS.

Today Rep. Steve King of Iowa (a Republican, of course) lent his voice to the rancorous anti-IRS chorus. King said:

"It's sad the incident in Texas happened, but by the same token, it's an agency that is unnecessary and when the day comes when that is over and we abolish the IRS, it's going to be a happy day for America."

Take that mealy-mouthed statement by Rep. King, and add to it other bizarre sentiments spouted by members of Congress - such as Michele Bachmann calling for people to get "armed and dangerous" against the administration's clean air policies - or the same loon's call for people to not cooperate with census takers, and we have a situation where elements of our government are coming dangerously close to being anarchists - or terrorists - or at least cheerleaders for terrorists!

Fasten your seat belts because Bette Davis was right - it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Pilots, start your engines!


Brenda Kilby said...

The same goes for people who think it is OK to kill abortion providers, shoot students who are protesting a war (Kent State) or take guns to school and massacre your colleagues during a faculty meeting (Alabama). Killers are killers. I'm not sure what makes a person who kills a terrorist, except it seems that the purpose is to instill fear. If fear is the purpose, than we need to check out the GOP, who want to instill fear by telling the rest of us how we have to live. We all have little terrorist living inside us, I think.

Montana said...

Andrew Joseph Stack was nothing but a coward, to his family, to god, to our country. Boo, hoo, hoo, I have money problems and its not my fault, it the big bad government. This domestic (white trailer trash) terrorist who first burned his house and crashed his plane into a building during business hours and killed Vernon Hunter a 27 year Federal employee and 20 year veteran of the US Army with two tours in the Vietnam War.