Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bye-Bye Bayh! Don't let the door hit you in the ass...

by Pa Rock
Political Commentator

Evan Bayh, the man who wanted to be Hillary's veep, but couldn't even carry his home state of Indiana for her - not to mention her luggage on a sunny day, announced yesterday that he has chosen not to run for a third term in the Senate. His announcement came after he had already collected $13 million in donations for the election, and only one day ahead of the deadline for another Democrat to jump in and take his place on the ballot - something that did not happen. Bayh's swan song, with his picture-perfect family standing at his side, contained much pissing and moaning about the way Congress works.

He should be able to recognize the short-comings of Congress - he was a big part of the problem!

Today Bayh took another shot at Congress and seemed to be aiming specifically at his Democratic colleagues. He said on The Early Show: "If I could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business, that would be one more than Congress has created in the last six months."

A senior House Democratic aide responded to that horse shit with this gem:

“It is hard to stomach lectures from Sen. Bayh on jobs. For most Americans, if they were as unproductive in their jobs as Bayh has been in his, they wouldn’t have the luxury of quitting — they would be fired.”


But don't worry about the Bayh family missing any meals. The senator will park his privileged butt on K Street and make a nice living peddling influence as a lobbyist - a promotion from whore to pimp. Enjoy the money, Evan, and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of the Capitol!


Mike Box said...

Maybe kids should not try and follow their famous parents into politics. Evan is certainly no Birch, "W." compared to"H. W." was a faint imitation, and former Vice President Gore lacked the old school luster of his daddy Al Sr.

The real culprit here, of course, is not a declining D.N.A. gene pool among American politicians. The problem is that America increasingly is being governed by the Corporate interest and for the Corporate interest. That is why Bayh can park his ass on K street and pimp Corporate largess. He joins a long list of former members of the House and Senate who have taken this soft route to Easy Street.

The so called "stimulus bill" has created or saved nearly two million jobs. Those jobs include construction work immproving the Osawatomie, Kansas library and a $1.3 million check to Kansas City's Samuel Rogers Community Health Center. Missouri's retiring Senator Christopher S. "Kit" Bond, who voted against the "stimulus bill" and aided the Republican strategy of obstruction on the Hill, delivered the check. Sorry Senator Bahy but your facts are wrong.

When the Supreme Court rolled back jurisprudence in Citizens United v. FEC opening the floodgates of Corporate money into American politics my immediate reaction was that we needed a Constitutional Amendment to put these moneyed interests back in their place. The corporation does not have a soul to save or a butt to kick, all you can do is hit them in the wallet. But why take on that fight? Why not use the evil influence of money for the public good?

Let's strip the Congress of its pay and privileges. Take them down to zero. The new compact with the Congress will be to put them on commission. As long as they are in there selling their offices to the highest bidders why not let them keep a percentage of the take, with the lion's share going to the Treasury. I think we can end both the Budget Deficit and the Public Debt. The rich will keep getting richer and the people will get a little breathing room while politicians can keep handing their offices off to their children without violating the Rule Against Perpetuities.

Pa Rock's Ramble said...


It's good to have you back! I almost went with the declining gene pool theory, and I still think that it has some merit.

With the Citizens United decision, maybe the entire Congress will resign and rush to K Street. That would be a great time to pass a Constitutional Amendment limiting (or eliminating) corporate donations!