Monday, February 1, 2010

Missionaries Are Not Completely Worthless...

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The Prime Minister of Haiti, Max Bellerive, said that it is clear that the American Baptists trying to take children out of Haiti without any paperwork or legal approval knew exactly what they were doing - and they knew what they were doing was illegal.

At this point it appears that some of the children being taken out of the country were not even orphans.

Laura Silsby, the spokesperson for the ten Baptists accused of child-trafficking in Haiti, was quick to invoke her values and her God on the thirty-three children that her group was trying to spirit out of Haiti. Sayeth Ms. Silsby: "The entire team deeply fell in love with these children. They are very, very precious kids that have lost their homes and their families and are so, so deeply in need of God's love and his compassion and just a very nurturing setting."

That is such a sweet sentiment! The crew, all ten abductors, fell deeply in love with the thirty-three Haitian children. And whose God is going to provide the love and compassion those kids so desperately need? Is it the God of the two churches sponsoring these child-grabbers: the Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho, and the East Side Baptist Church in Twin Falls, Idaho? Would the God of both of these Southern Baptist Churches be a Baptist God?

Chances are very good that none of the thirty-three children being illegally taken out of Haiti are Baptists. In fact, there are only two constitutionally recognized religions in Haiti: Voodoo and Roman Catholicism. A full two-thirds of Haiti's people are said to worship Voodoo spirits. Do these sanctimonious Baptists have any right at all to supplant Haitian superstitions with their own superstitions? Can you say "inquisition"?

The attitude that this group of religious do-gooders would give children a wonderful life in Christ rightfully offends Haitians. Max Beauvoir, the head of Haiti's Voodoo Priest's Association said, "These types of people (the Baptists) believe they need to save our souls and our bodies from ourselves. We need compassion, not proselytizing now, and we need aid - not just aid going to people of the Christian faith."

On a lighter note, one of the lawyers for the child-snatchers is bitching that they are being treated poorly. He whined, "There is no air conditioning, no electricity, it is very disgusting." What were they expecting when they begged money and flew to earthquake-ravaged Haiti - a Sandals resort?

"Missionaries are not completely worthless - they can always serve as a good source of protein!" ---Pa Rock

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