Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let God Deal With It!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The ten Baptist missionaries who were stopped and arrested last week as they tried to spirit thirty-three Haitian children across the border into the Dominican Republic have now officially been charged with kidnapping and criminal association. Various news sources have stated today that, if convicted, they could wind up serving as much as fifteen years in prison.

At the very best these were bungling do-gooders whose aim was to better the circumstances of these horribly impoverished children while erasing their culture and religion. The children would have eventually been adopted by middle class white families and steeped in fundamentalist Christianity. That is the absolute best outcome, and that outcome is damned scary to those capable of free thought. At the worst, these youngsters would have been shunted into the sex industry or wound up as involuntary organ donors. (Don't think for a minute that outcomes like that couldn't happen to those sweet and trusting little children.)

But the missionaries swear that is what they were trying to protect these children from. That is why they were so eager to get them out of the country - quickly, quietly, and without any bothersome paperwork. They were saving them. That is what was in the hearts of the missionaries.

And now these ten good Baptists with pure hearts are sitting in a Haitian jail awaiting trial. They undoubtedly are counting on the United States government to come rushing to their rescue. That must not happen!

These people went into a tragically poor country that was dealing with the worst natural disaster to hit the Western Hemisphere in decades. They took advantage of the poverty and the chaos to suit their purposes. Instead of rolling up their sleeves and helping with the cleanup or doing something to alleviate suffering, they went out on a child snatch-and-grab operation.

Okay, maybe they were operating out of compassion and had only the best interests of the children at heart. We mere mortals have no way of knowing what was in the hearts of these accused kidnappers - and the U.S. government certainly has no way of knowing what was in their hearts either.

These people have apparently broken Haitian law and for that they must stand trial and suffer the consequences. The United States government needs to stand back and let the Haitian legal system handle the matter. And if these "humanitarians" need some outside muscle, let God deal with it. She will know what was really in their hearts!

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