Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Can Dig It!

by Pa Rock
Master of the Yard

I had good intentions of taking the day off and going to a movie, My first choice was The Wolfman, but I got to the theatre too late for that one. Then I decided on The Blind Side because it was still in previews, but by the time that I got inside and saw the massive popcorn lines, I gave up and cashed in my ticket. I'm not going to watch any movie without popcorn and a big coke. And besides, I really wanted to see The Wolfman anyway. If I wanted to watch some feel good football flick, I would rent a copy of Rudy and watch it with Scroungy Bastard.

I should have known that Valentine's Day was a poor time to go to the movies - every cheap bastard in the Valley of Hell was standing in line with the love of their lives waiting to buy a pair of afternoon discount movie tickets. Ah, love!

With my afternoon plans in the crapper, I fell back into my comfort zone and went to Lowe's. There I bought a standard navel orange tree, bricks, blocks, potting soil, and bark mulch. Back at the hacienda I finished lining my street front with bricks to keep my yard pebbles from washing into the street. After that I went to work on removing a bougainvillea bush. By the time night caught up with me, I had the entire bush cut down almost to ground level, and had put a lot of work into digging up the base and roots. I still have that to finish tomorrow.

Why is it that the two scourges of desert landscaping, bougainvillea and lantana, have such beautiful names? I have spent considerable energy over the past few months trying to tame my bougainvillea bushes - thorny bastards - and pulling up lantana. Actually, both plants are attractive, but they grow like crazy and tend to take over. Give me some simple citrus trees, a few cacti, and a strawberry patch - that I can handle!

The weather is beautiful right now in Arizona - and visitors are always welcome at Pa Rock's place!

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Mike Box said...

Meanwhile it has been 100 days since the K.C. area has seen 70 degrees. The twelve days of global warming have been cited by the National Weather Service. We have had 12 days this winter where at least one inch or more of new snow fell. That's not counting the stuff on the ground.

Garden seeds are purchased and Bryce, who turned three last Saturday, has been regaled by promises of garden dirt and growing plants is waiting patiently.

Saint Patrick's day promises to bring spring's warmth. Ah, to be in Westport on Saint Patrick's day when the mercury rises and the coeds rediscover their tee shirts! Hope springs eternal.