Friday, February 5, 2010

Richard Shelby: A Cracker with Clout

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, a conservative legislator who is possibly as smart as Alabama's other senator, Jeff Sessions, but certainly well below the national intellectual average, is turning his greed and avarice into an art form. Shelby, who has long wallowed in political contributions from defense and aviation contractors, put the word out yesterday that he will personally filibuster seventy Presidential nominees unless Democrats kiss his flabby white ass and make sure that a couple of rich defense contracts for his home state are fast-tracked. Yup, another sanctimonious Republican who brays about good government is standing at the trough grunting angrily because his earmarks haven't been slopped in fast enough to suit him.

Richard Shelby is what's wrong with Congress - him and every other cretin in Congress who has had their hand out to special interests for so long that they can no longer remember who they work for. Shelby's campaign committees have accepted over one hundred thousand dollars in contributions from Northrup Grumman in recent years. Coincidentally, that is the company that he favors to receive one of the billion-dollar contracts for Alabama. Can you say quid pro quo?

Republicans used to accuse anyone who breathed the slightest concern about George Bush as being unpatriotic. When they were in the majority in the Senate just a few years ago, they routinely threatened to use the "nuclear" option and do away with the filibuster. Now that they are out of the White House and in the minority in Congress, they oppose everything (everything!) that the President proposes - including programs that were originally their ideas, and they use the threat of a filibuster on all legislation - no matter how trivial.

And as for respecting the President, they consider that to be an arcane concept. Republican office holders and party mouthpieces routinely sprinkle their comments about our nation's elected leader with words like "socialist," "unpatriotic," and "Kenyan."

Republicans truly are the party of "no." They have chosen not to govern and to block any attempt by the Democrats to do anything that would benefit the people of America. They have done all of this obstructing while peddling the notion that Democrats are bad for America and can't be trusted. Well now, thanks to shameless shills like Richard Shelby, their mask of piety is beginning to slip and America may finally get a good look at what the Republican opposition is really all about.

It's the money, honey. It's all about the money!

Republicans don't care about you, or me, or our kids - or even the elderly. It's not their problem if we have to work two (or more) jobs just to make ends meet. They could care less if we don't have health insurance - like they do. They care about their bank accounts and those of the people they represent - the fat cats on Wall Street who run America's biggest corporations and banks. Their answer to economic inequality is to lock up minorities and let the poor bear the brunt of funding society through sales taxes and other regressive measures that leave their piles of wealth alone.

Richard Shelby has landed on the gravy train, and while he might give occasional lip service to the concept of good government, it is definitely secondary to getting his own personal needs met - and screw the rest of us!

You can stamp that cracker "Sold American!"

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