Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mellencamp for Senate!

by Pa Rock
Political Commentator

The sudden retirement of Evan Bayh from the United States Senate means that Indiana will have an open senate seat up for grabs this fall. Today the internets have been buzzing with the rumor of a grassroots movement to draft John Mellencamp to run as a Democrat for that seat. The singer, who is known for his music about small town American values and raising money for struggling farmers at Willie Nelson's Farm Aid concerts, is a very well known resident of Bloomington, Indiana.

Yes, John Mellencamp is a very practical liberal, and yes, the people of Indiana are very proud of their native son. I hope that he responds to the nudge and throws his hat in the ring. Mellencamp has the smarts and the energy to be a truly spectacular United States Senator.

Now ain't that America for you and me!

Run, John, run - like a cougar!


Mike Box said...

Senator Bayh's departure was strategically timed to deter any candidate for whom the public can find exciting, grass roots, or populist enthusiam.

Today is the deadline for filing the necessary petitions to run in the primary.

The Democratic candidate will be selected by the Indiana Democratic Party through their central committee.

The outgoing senator knew he was throwing this monkey wrench into the works. Birch's son is a true work in manure, what art!

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

I agree completely, Mike. Baby Bayh never distinguished himself in the Senate, and then he flipped his state party off by making his exit when it was too late for the people to correct their previous error. Mellencamp provides a way out of the quagmire that Bayh created, and if the state party chooses to go with some unknown sacrificial lamb, Mellencamp could always run as an independent. An independent with high name recognition might do quite well in Indiana.

And yes, Evan Bayh really is a true work of art in manure!