Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cards for Reed

by Uncle Pa Rock

My nephew, Reed Smith, continues to show improvement. We have been told that it looks as though his abdomen can be closed on Wednesday - tomorrow - and he may be starting to wake up by this weekend. With that good prognosis in mind, it would be wonderful if he had a big stack of get well cards and notes to sort through as he spends the next couple of weeks lying in a hospital bed. Those who know Reed realize that he will not enjoy being confined to a hospital room!

Reed's address is:

Northwest Texas Hospital
c/o Reed Smith
Room 213
1501 S. Coulter
Amarillo, TX 79106

Local pastor Lennie McCay of the Washington Avenue Christian Church here in Amarillo heard about Reed through some connection with Reed's work. He just stopped by with an offer of a house for my sister and Reed's supporters to headquarter in while they are in Amarillo. Thank you Reverend McCay. Amarillo is a very friendly community!

1 comment:

molly (reed's cousin) said...

That's really great. It will surely help to cut back on the huge hotel bill.