Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back in Sand Land

by Pa Rock
Weary Traveler

The big red pick-up with Missouri plates pulled into Lot 77 at the Wheezin' Geezer Trailer Park around noon today. Scroungy Bastard was so happy to see me that he has not left my side all day. Somehow, all of my new citrus trees and rose bushes managed to survive my absence - I suspect some good Samaritan neighbor may have slipped them a drink or two during my absence.

Reports on Reed continue to be good. I understand that Heidi left today to return to England where she and Jason have to get Lauren enrolled in kindergarten. I suspect that she will be Skyping and calling the hospital on a regular basis. It is a very good sign that Heidi feels comfortable enough with Reed's progress to return to her home. Heidi certainly made all of us feel better and more knowledgeable regarding Reed's injuries and his prognosis. We were so fortunate to have her at his bedside!

Jason Pfetcher: I am reading your copy of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. It is very interesting and informative, but definitely no Hank the Cowdog!

Tomorrow morning I return to work. Will I even remember where that is? I also need to get over to the Parking Spot by the airport where my car has been since December 26th. By now the charges will be higher than the value of the vehicle!

Arizona is still crazy...more on that tomorrow!


Carla Brown said...

Glad you are home safe and sound!

Jolene said...

Welcome home. I was worried about your trip, and also wondering if your cat would be waiting on you.
Told Reed I would share 1 of our grade school spats when he felt like laughing.

brenda Kilby said...

Glad you are home, and the cat was glad too.

Cousin Bill said...

Rock--so glad to hear that things are "normalizing" some for all of you! Karen and I continue to hold all of you in our prayers. I believe that I have never met a more amazing and composed group of young people than your and Gail's children and their families. We send all of you our love and best regards--