Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hauling Ass

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

Monday as I was driving my Dad's pick-up from Amarillo to Gallup, I discovered that for some unexplained reason, Dad had not put an insurance card in the glove box. I knew that he undoubtedly had insurance (he was always particular and careful about things like that), but I was still extra-cautious because if I was stopped for any reason, I could be cited for not carrying proof-of-insurance.

When I arrived in Gallup and got a room at the Ramada, I asked the desk clerk for the hotel's fax number. Then I set about calling insurance agents in McDonald County until I found the one who had sold Dad a policy for the truck. The agent was very nice and said she would fax the proof out immediately

After a quick supper at The Cracker Barrel which was located next to the Ramada, I went back to the hotel and asked the young lady at the desk if a fax had arrived. "Yes," she said, and produced the three-page document. "It says that you have insurance." I told her that I had been driving very carefully all day because of not having an insurance card - to which she replied, "Well, now you can haul ass!"

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Phillipia said...

I like the way she thinks:)