Monday, January 4, 2010

Successful Surgery

by Uncle Pa Rock

Reed's surgery is over, and it was successful. The bleeding has stopped and the sponges were removed. There is still swelling around his abdomen, which is normal, and the doctors were not able to get his abdomen completely stitched up. They will try to finish it on Wednesday, and if that doesn't work, Friday will be the target date. They won't begin taking him off of the ventilator or waking him after the abdominal opening is closed.

A.J. and Mason have just left for Prairie Grove with promises to return in a few days. Roger Clifton, a kind gentleman who knows Reed through his work in Las Vegas, came by for a visit. Mr. Clifton said that he has a meat-packing plant near Perryton, TX, where the wreck occurred. He was a very up-lifting visitor and had many nice things to say about Reed and his work ethic.

Thank you to my good friends at Luke Air Force Base who are being so supportive and allowing me this time to be with family. You guys are great!


Mallerina said...

Thank you so much for keeping everyone updated. It killed us to leave yesterday. Even though we are physically back in Arkansas our hearts are still in Amarillo. We will all be back soon as we can be. Tell Gail, Justin, Tiffany, and Heidi we LOVE THEM!--Mallory

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting these blogs! I am one of Tiffany's best friends in Illinois, and because she's been to busy to really fill us in, this has helped keep us up to date.I have only gotten the chance to meet Reed one weekend when he was up here visiting Tiffany, and found out what an excellent guy he is. My family and friends are praying for him and the whole Smith family, and so is my church. Keep up the great work on the blog!!

Amber Wasberg

Cousin Bill said...

I really appreciate the "realtime" updates on Reed's progress. My heart reaches out to all of you in these difficult times. Please pass my love on to Gail and the kids.--Bill Dobbs

Fred Ray said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on Reed's situation for us here in Las Vegas and at Outwest Meat Company. Out thoughts and prayers are with you in Amarillo.
Share a special word of encouagement to Jamie and Reed's Mother.
We are glad to here the good news about today's surgery.
God's Blessings,
Dr. Fred

Brenda Kilby said...

Thanks again, Rocky. You have lived up to your name again. We so appreciate the updates. Please tell Gail and everyone else that we are pulling for Reed and our hearts are with all of you.