Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Crime Against Mary Landrieu

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The conservative noise machine is finally starting to acknowledge that four of their overly righteous youth were involved in a crime. Well, according to right wing newscasters, these were just "kids" and their crime was really nothing more than a dumb prank.

If it looks like horse shit, feels like horse shit, and smells like horse shit, chances are really good that it's horse shit!

First of all, as I noted yesterday, these men may be young - hell, most people are young when compared to me - but they aren't kids. All were in their mid-twenties - old enough to have been carrying rifles in Iraq and Afghanistan a half dozen years earlier - which none did. Thees guys are adults, all with college degrees, and all supposedly smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong, or the difference between legal and illegal. And although it is easy to argue that their crime was dumb - gaining access to the phone system of a United States Senator through lies and deception was most certainly illegal.

This crime story is going to get very interesting. Two things to watch out for are which lawyers step forward to handle their defense (and who pays for those lawyers), and the stories that start flying when they start to rat each other out.

Today it was revealed that the attorneys for James O'Keefe in the lawsuit brought by ACORN in Pennsylvania are being paid for by James Dobson's Focus on the Family. That's right, money browbeaten from the gullible by Reverend (sic) Dobson was used to defend O'Keefe's racist excuse for journalism. A respectable minister would be ashamed of this political use of God's money - if it really was God's money!

Some interesting points about O'Keefe's infamous ACORN film in which he and a lady reporter (sic) went into ACORN offices posing as a pimp and hooker in search of information on setting up a sex business. Several of the offices that they entered responded by calling the police and having them escorted off of the premises. Their "news" film failed to disclose that because it didn't fit the message that they wanted to craft. Also, when the film aired (primarily on Fox), O'Keefe was dressed as the world's most outrageous pimp. In reality, he went into the ACORN offices dressed rather conservatively, and later spliced in the scenes where he was dressed as a stereotypical pimp. The film was phony from the get-go, but the objective was met - to embarrass an organization that routinely registers thousands of poor people to vote, and gives them advice on how to survive in an economy that is fair only to the wealthy.

And this is the crap that James Dobson feels called on to defend. Yo, Jimbo, can you smell the sulphur?

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