Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Adios, Amarillo!

by Pa Rock
Weary Traveler

I am sitting at the Rick Husband Airport in Amarillo waiting to catch a flight to Dallas and then head on to Northwest Arkansas from there. Lots of reports of expected bad weather there, so I am hoping that I can get back to Noel before the ice and snow hit.

Reed had a good night and should be ready for what will hopefully be his final surgery this morning. As soon as the surgical staff can get all of the sewing complete, they will be ready to begin the process of waking him up. I will continue to follow his progress and hope to be back in Amarillo on Saturday night en route to Phoenix, but for the time being, the absolute best place to get the latest hospital news on Reed will be at Caring Bridge where Dr. Heidi and Jamie will both be blogging.

I have to get back to Noel to finish some of the estate business of my father (and Reed's grandfather), and I plan on being at the funeral services for Reed's dad on Friday. I understand that the funeral for Bobby Jack Short, the other fatality in wreck, will be today in Cookson, Oklahoma.

For those of you who have been following this blog for updates on Reed, you are more than welcome to stick around as I slowly drift back into my old writing habits. I blog everyday about many things. Be forewarned however, I am a un-reconstructed hippie from the 1960's who views everything with a decidedly leftist bent. I say exactly what is on my mind - exactly how I want to say it! Reed has always enjoyed my stuff, but it does tend to piss people off - and that is intentional on my part!

Send Reed some cards. Jamie and his mom are going to have their hands full trying to keep him in the hospital bed after he wakes up!

Out West, I saw the flowers that were sent to my sister, and I heard that Jamie got some, too. You guys rock! No wonder Reed loves working with you all so much!


Phillipia said...

Hey Rock,
Have a safe journey!

You do not piss me off, because I just skim right over those posts that look like they could possibly piss me off:)

I posted a prayer request on my blog this morning - for my kids grandma and for your family...

Stay strong, you leftist hippie you:)

I will be checking Caring Bridge for updates.

bk in MO said...

Unreconstructed hippie? Ha! You don't even know what being a hippie is. Get with me sometime and I'll fill you in - I have a bit of history in that regard. You are about as straight an arrow as I ever met. Of course, you do have some strong left-wing attitudes that I enjoy the heck out of, but hippie? Naw. You don't even have a cIue. You never, for example, inhaled. Not only did I inhale, but, oh well, nevermind. No need to tell all my secrets.
I want to see you if possible before you head back to Arizona. Call me. I twittered you my numbers.

Ashley Taylor said...

Many of you have been asking about sending Reed flowers, gifts, etc. With the nature of his injuries he can not receive these items. An Arvest checking account has been set up to off set some of the finacial costs that have and will be accrued during Reed’s recovery. If you would like to make a donation to this account you can contact Arvest Bank at 479-846-2115. The account number is 23170865. We are still working on getting Reed as many cards as possible, this will help encourage Reed through his recovery. Feel free to include your favorite picture, he can have these in his room.