Friday, January 8, 2010

The Funeral of Bob Smith

by Pa Rock

Bob Smith was laid to rest this afternoon at the Southwest City Cemetery next to his parents.

Bob's funeral was in the new First Baptist Church at Southwest City. The weather was cold and icy, but many people showed up to pay their final respects to their old friend and neighbor.

The most emotional part of the service was when Bob's oldest son, Justin, told the gathering of a sign that he had from his father while in Amarillo earlier this week attending to the needs of his injured brother, Reed. Justin said that his father often wore boots, a cowboy hat, and a heavy brown coat while walking his French Bulldog, Boom, who was never on a leash. He said that while waiting outside of his mother's hotel room one morning early in the week, he saw a man walking a French Bulldog, not using a leash, and the man had on a cowboy hat, boots, and a heavy brown coat. Justin said that when he saw the man, who was facing away from him, he knew that was a sign that his dad was in Amarillo watching over Reed. His recounting of that incident was more powerful than anything the minister had to say, and it brought tears to my eyes.

Jason Pfetcher, Heidi's husband, read some thoughts that Heidi had penned about her father and the type of person he was. Heidi wanted people to understand that she couldn't be at the funeral because her most immediate duty was to her little brother, Reed. She said that she knew that her dad would agree with that priority - and he definitely would.

Several of Reed's friends from Prairie Grove were at the funeral, and A.J., Bobby, and Mason served as pallbearers. Mallory Mounce was there and I also met her mother, and I got a nice hug from Abbie Rose. Abbie's grandmother, Grandma Crane, emailed me yesterday to say that she has some of her world famous brownies in the mail to Reed! I told Gail that over the phone today, and she replied that Grandma Crane's brownies are wonderful!

We love everybody in Prairie Grove - and their young people are the best anywhere!

Our cousin, Bill Dobbs, and his wife, Karen, sat next to me during the service. It was nice seeing them and hearing about the things that their children are doing. Molly's classmates, Gwenith Stetina Gordon and Kelly Coffee Elwood were also there, and it was really nice getting to catch up with them. Gwen's mother, Debbie, is a saint who has worked at McDonald County Family Services way too many years, and Kelly's parents were two of the best friends that I ever had. Gwen is a stay-at-home mother of three boys, and Kelly is a second grade teacher with a four-year-old daughter, Megan, and she and Jeff are expecting another child in April. It was so great getting to talk to those grown-up young ladies!

I am not a fan of funerals, but Bob's was a nice experience that hit all of the right chords. Justin and Tiffany, did a wonderful job of getting it organized. Heidi's husband, Jason, who stayed behind in Missouri while the rest of us were in Amarillo, was also pivotal in getting some of the things done for the service. Life has been very hard for all of the Smith kids this week, but they have met the challenges with strength and resolve. Bob would have been very proud of the way these young people assumed the mantle of responsibility on his behalf and in looking after their brother. I am certainly very proud of all of them!

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Again, have awesome family.

Thanks for sharing them with us your blogger friends...

Stay strong.