Saturday, January 30, 2010

God Turns Her Back on Scott Roeder

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Scott Roeder is a savage who fancies himself to be a human being. He is also a religious terrorist.

Scott Roeder, spurred on by teabaggers, religious zealots, and people like Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, took it upon himself last May to put a pistol to the head of Dr. George Tiller and pull the trigger. He murdered Dr. Tiller on a Sunday morning in the foyer of the good doctor's church in Wichita, Kansas. It was a premeditated murder. Roeder had bought the pistol just the week prior for the express purpose of murdering Dr. Tiller. It was a political murder - an assassination. It was done in large measure to terrorize other medical providers into not performing abortions - regardless of the medical necessity or reasons for the procedures.

Scott Roeder said that he killed Dr. Tiller to prevent the doctor from "murdering" the unborn. Roeder's sanctimony knew no bounds. He understood the mind of God and was doing God's work. Apparently God was not competent enough to do her own work. What the Kansas miscreant was actually doing, however, was trying to make something of his pissy life. Now he will have a paragraph or two in some history books, for a year or two, and a certain element of society will hold him in high esteem - for a few more weeks. But when the glory passes, and it will pass quickly, Mr. Roeder will be nothing more than another caged animal in the Kansas penal system - turning gray and gradually fading from memory. He will become just another sad old man living behind bars.

The trial was interesting. Mr. Roeder himself was the only defense witness, and he argued that he was justified in taking the law into his own hands and murdering Dr. Tiller. The jury didn't buy it. In fact, it took that jury of twelve good Kansans just thirty-seven minutes to convict the self-righteous Mr. Roeder of first degree murder.

Thirty-seven minutes! That jury obviously had more important things to do than waste their time wading in the lunacy of Scott Roeder. Society has already wasted far too much time on that creep!

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