Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two Babes and a Pair of Boobs

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I love Republicans! Say what you will about their small-mindedness, meanness, hypocrisy, greed, and stupidity - the people who pledge their allegiance to the Grand Old Party seem to have a talent for making the news. Usually, of course, it is for things that would embarrass anyone with a lick of sense, but sometimes (okay, rarely) members of the party are newsworthy for good things.

Today Cindy McCain and her flamboyant daughter, Meghan, were all over the internets for their support of the repeal of the anti-gay marriage amendment in California. The amendment passed by the voters last year that makes it illegal for same-sex couples to marry was called Proposition 8. It was a big priority of the Catholic Church (If their gay priests couldn't marry, why the hell should their gay parishoners be allowed to marry either?) and the Mormon Church (Somehow Mormons expressing any opinion on who should be allowed to marry whom seems horribly hypocritical and damned funny!). The clever slogan for those wanting to repeal Prop 8 is "NO H8."

A few days ago Meghan McCain posed for a photo for the anti-Prop 8 campaign. It is a face-and-hands shot. She is holding an elephant and has her mouth duct-taped shut, with "NO H8" printed on her face. It is a beautiful photograph that completely ignores Meghan's own favorite feature - her "fat ass."

Mama McCain liked the photograph of her daughter so well, that she told the photographer, Adam Bouska, that she would like to pose for one of the ads herself. Bouska worked his magic with Cindy, creating a beautiful face shot that looks somewhat like a Breck Shampoo ad, again with her mouth duct-taped shut and "NO H8" printed on her cheek.

Both women are gorgeous, and both have given their images to combat a moral wrong. What a concept - here's hoping other Republicans follow their lead. John McCain, who apparently thinks he can still be elected to something other than an Arizona office, says that he remains opposed to gay marriage, regardless of what the out-of-control women in his family support.

(After viewing Cindy's voluptuous photograph, it's easy to see why John's drug of choice is viagra!)

But for every positive image of a Republican in the news, there are dozens of stories about the stupid ones. Take for example Senators James Mountain Inhofe of Oklahoma and Jim DeMint of South Carolina. These two clowns seem to be in some sort of weird competition to see who can be the stupidest on any given day. DeMint recently went on a tirade threatening to block President Obama's choice to head the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) because DeMint felt that the candidate might try to unionize TSA employees - and he sure didn't want the folks responsible for keeping us safe on airplanes to be burdened with decent wages or good benefits!

What an!

The other big Republican boob in the news today is an old favorite, James Inhofe. He said that he favors the concept of racial profiling in fighting terrorism, even though he knows that it is politically incorrect. Yeah, that stuff is fine, Goober, unless you are a member of the group being profiled - and then it's not such a great way to do things. Inhofe did show a bit of sense when he admitted that racial profiling would not have alerted anyone to Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh, a teabagger type who would have looked right at home as Larry Craig's date at a Palin family reunion!

There are lots of stupid Republican office holders, and the party seems to be damned proud of most of them. The people that they ought to be taking pride in, however, are those few, like the McCain ladies, who dare to put party dogma aside and think for themselves. They are the way of the future.

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