Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rush Limbaugh is a Pig, Metaphorically Speaking, and so is Pat Robertson

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The earthquake devastation in Haiti is truly horrific. It is a panorama of maiming, death, and destruction that could not possibly be demeaned or marginalized by anyone with a heart - or a soul. But the heartless and soulless have weighed in on this tragedy, even as the world musters its resources in an effort to bring the catastrophe under control. Hate-mongers Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson both gave a hearty "fuck you" to the mostly poor and black residents of that very old Caribbean nation.

Limbaugh went on the attack yesterday just hours after the country of Haiti was wracked by the earthquake. He is livid that President Obama may be seen as "compassionate and humanitarian" as he musters a strong U.S. response to the disaster. He feels this crisis will help to boost Obama's credibility within the Black community.

News flash, Rusho: Some of us in the White community are also impressed with the President's bold and decisive leadership in this international crisis. It is certainly a far cry from the indecisiveness that marked Poppy Bush's response to Hurricane Andrew or Bozo Bush's ineptitude in dealing with Hurricane Katrina!

Limbaugh also huffed and puffed about US. foreign aid going to Haiti. His whine: "We've already donated to Haiti. It's called U.S. income tax."

Where is your Christian charity, Rushbag?

And speaking of Christian's and charity, uber-Christian Pat Robertson, a television huckster and professional beggar, blamed the natural disaster in Haiti on the wrath of God. Robertson, God's right hand - the one trying to get in your pocket, blamed the earthquake on a pact with the devil that the people of Haiti allegedly made over two hundred years ago in order to free themselves from French domination. Most of today's Haitians haven't heard Pat's swill because communications are down in much of the country, but apparently the French have been chortling over his ignorant remarks all day long.

President Obama is the face of America. Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson are little more than pockmarks on our country's two-hundred-plus-year-old butt. I'm proud of our President and of the efforts that our citizens are making to alleviate the suffering of one of our poorest neighbors. If the situation were reversed, one would hope that the citizens of the world would come to our aid - and now maybe they might! America is on the verge of becoming great again!

Hey Pat - here's a thought for the day: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Those are truly words to live by.


bk in MO said...

Thank you for writing this. I agree 100 percent. These two cretins iIIustrate cIearIy the attitude of many conservatives on the extreme right wing of America. ActuaIIy, the attitude they conveyed is the same heId by many conservatives, not just those on the radicaI side. But you have to understand that their absoIute hatred of the Ieft is so great, they are bIinded by it; they are unabIe to feeI any other emotion. I was angry in 2000 and after, and was very badIy hurt by what the majority on the SCOTUS did in securing the office of POTUS for "their" party. But never, ever, did I forget that these poor misguided fooIs are peopIe and have a right to their opinions. But I have suffered, firsthand, from the abject hatred these peopIe have for me and those who agree with me. My own famiIy is divided, and my two oIdest brothers stayed up aII night during a recent visit with my 90-year-oId mother, trying to get her to see the error of her thinking in voting Democrat and backing Obama. Anyone who browbeats a 90-year-oJd woman is radicaI and consumed with hatred.

Anonymous said...

Right on Pa!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment of the Haiti situation, however, having just read your "tweet" about healthcare reform, I must say that I disagree. While I won't argue that our healthcare system is seriously flawed, I can't stand behind a bill that's being pushed through Congress just so our President can claim that he followed through on his promises for "change." I would be for it, but two years in the future when we really know how it will work and what it will really do. This isn't something we should rush. Not only does it need to be researched further, but it will put us even further in debt. This is all while our economy is in shambles. Despite my opposing opinions on this issue, I appreciate your views and would love to hear your response. Give Reed our best from AR.

Pa Rock's Ramble said...

Thanks. My response on health care is that the bill making its way through Congress is too weak. I support a strong public option and feel that the President let the Democratic conservatives water down the effort. Everyone living in the world's most powerful country ought to have access to good medical care. It's not them or us - it's all us.

But, that said, something is better than nothing. I think that stalling the bill for a year or two would just kill it. The country has been struggling with this issue since the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt - 100 years ago! It's time - it's actually well past time.