Monday, January 4, 2010

Reed on Caring Bridge

by Uncle Pa Rock

Justin's wife, Lisa Smith, has created a tribute page to Reed on Caring Bridge. It is located at:

Personal comments may be left on the guestbook at that site. Thank you, Lisa! I know that Reed will enjoy reading comments from all of his friends.

Any comments left on Pa Rock's Ramble will also be printed and given to Reed as he recovers. Reed has been one of my most faithful readers and has left comments of his own several times. We both share a weird sense of humor!

Reed's older sister, Dr. Heidi Pfetcher, had the following description of Reed's injuries posted on the Caring Bridge site. It is stolen and reprinted here without permission or an ounce of shame!

Reed was initially conscious immediately after the accident, but badly injured. His obvious injuries were a large cut to his face and across the right side/back of his head which later required somewhere around 18 staples to close. During his flight to the hospital, he quickly got worse and had to be intubated. When he arrived in Amarillo, he was unconscious, in deep shock with a very weak pulse and blood pressure. Studies revealed his lungs were collapsed on both sides with severe lung bruising, several broken ribs, two broken vertebrae, and extensive abdominal injuries with internal bleeding. He sustained two large lacerations (cuts) to his liver, a ruptured spleen and damage to both of his kidneys, with the right kidney being much more severe. He was immediately taken to surgery. They removed his spleen and put packs around his liver to try and control the bleeding, attempting to save his right kidney. However, his kidney proved to be too badly damaged, so he had to return to the operating room a few hours later to have it removed. I truly believe the surgeons here in Amarillo saved his life twice that night.

More will follow as the situation clarifies.


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that the Lord is watching over Reed. My prayers are with you, Reed, and the rest of your family as you travel this tough road. Don't worry about things here at work, all is taken care of.


Anonymous said...

I work with Lisa here in Arkansas and appreciate following Reed's progress without having her to repeat everything he goes through. He and the entire family are lifted in prayer by many people here and elsewhere.
Tell Gail to remain strong!

Cheryl Fiser

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky,

We have never met but I'm glad you're his "Favorite" Uncle. I went to Officers Basic Course in Ft. Benning,GA with a good friend in my platoon named Rocky.. I work with Reed in Las Vegas and consider him one of my little brothers, he has shared Holidays with my family and he has been considered ever since..I can't stop thinking about him and I hope one day I can shake your hand, to thank you for keeping everybody in the loop that can't be there yet..
God speed for Reed...

Chuck Becker
Las Vegas