Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reed Update

by Uncle Pa Rock

Reed's surgery this morning was just forty-five minutes, and the doctors managed to get his abdominal opening sewn up. Heidi believes that they will start the process to awaken him tomorrow evening. That will be very traumatic because it is unlikely that he will have any memory of the wreck or know that his father was killed in the accident. Send a card - Reed will need a lot of distraction.

David and Ashley Taylor, two of Reed's wonderful friends from Prairie Grove, Arkansas, have set up a special bank account for donations to help with expenses. I have no idea what the medical bills will be, or how much insurance will help, but the cost of four or five weeks in ICU with multiple surgeries will be astronomical! The following is what Ashley put on Caring Bridge:

Many of you have been asking about sending Reed flowers, gifts, etc. With the nature of his injuries he cannot receive these items. An Arvest checking account has been set up to off set some of the financial costs that have and will be accrued during Reed’s recovery. If you would like to make a donation to this account you can contact Arvest Bank at 479-846-2115. The account number is 23170865. We are still working on getting Reed as many cards as possible, this will help encourage Reed through his recovery. Feel free to include your favorite picture, he can have these in his room.

David and Ashley have been in Amarillo all week helping to tend to Reed's needs. They have truly been a blessing to Reed and his family! Thanks, guys. We love you!


Anonymous said...

Rock- I am so sorry about your losses. You are a good man and you keep taking care of your family as long as you need. We can hold down the clinic for as long as needed. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. -- Matt Nielsen

Anonymous said...

Rock,My name is Steva Guthrie. I am the sister of Donna Short, Bob Short's Sister In Law. Bob had his funeral today. It was amazing! Many, Many friends and family attended even though is was a cold, dreary day. It really wasn't a funeral service - it was a celebration of Bob's Life! Just wanted you to know how spectacular it was! All of our thoughts and prayers are with Reed and will continue to be!
Steva Guthrie