Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pa Rock's Dead Pool: 2010

by Pa Rock
Dead Pool Master

Okay. There has been some interest in continuing the Dead Pool. And yes, I know that it is really late, but I was fairly well slammed over the holidays and am running behind on everything.

Here are the rules: (Basically the same as last year.)

1. Select 10 prominent individuals (persons who would be known to most of us) whom you think could die in 2010 - 1 February - 31 December. Your list might include politicians, royalty, sports figures, Hollywood types, famous criminals, etc. All selections must be human.

2. Entries accepted by email to or by responding to this blogpost.

3. Deadline is midnight, January 31st, 2010 - that gives you a week to get your entry in!

4. Only one entry per person, please.

5. Entrants need to be at least eighteen-years-old and have a valid email address.

6. Do not pick any low hanging fruit. If it is common knowledge that someone will likely expire during the next eleven months, play fair and don't choose them. (As an example, Dennis Hopper is near death, according to the tabloids, and should not be chosen.)

7. Winners will be determined on a point basis. The age of the deceased will be subtracted from 100 to determine the amount of points awarded. The death of a young person will gain more points that the death of someone in their eighties or nineties. (Someone last time selected Delores Hope. Delores survived the year, but she was 100, and even if she would have died, there would have been no points for that!) Be strategic when making your selections.

8. Prizes this year will be cash. $50 for first place, $25 for second place, and $10 for third place. In the event of a tie - last year four people tied for second - the prize will be awarded to each individual who tied. (If three people tie for first place, poor old Pa Rock will cough up $50 for each of them!)

9. Have fun - and start getting those lists in!


molly. said...

I have Courtney Love on my dead pool list. I have her on my Twitter & tonight I asked her when she was going to be on Celebrity Rehab. That must have struck a nerve because she actually took the time to acknowledge me. She responded: what for>? my guitar issues, honey i did rehab and it worked ! 7 years ago almost now, and NOT televised!

So apparently she's gonna be around for a while? Although her constant nonsensical tweets tell me otherwise.

molly said...

She wrote me two more times after that..

@summabeanz and anyone else alla the sudden swarming me i WENT to rehab i was REHABILITated i AM doing a vh1 "Behind the Music" OK?

@summabeanz and co, my problems are not reality television, i dont wont and nevr will do reality television in any wayshapeform!Disgusting!