Saturday, January 9, 2010

Adios, Neuva Noel - Again!

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

The truck is packed - thank you Juan, Alma, and Clarissa Garza - you are the best neighbors ever! I am heading out in a couple of hours, and will pick up nephew Justin Smith is Siloam Springs, Arkansas. We will drive through the night and should be in Amarillo in the morning. (Didn't George Strait have a song with a title like that?) I plan to spend tomorrow night there and then hit the road for Phoenix on Monday. Luke comrades, if you are reading this, with a little luck and a good tail wind I should be at my desk on Wednesday morning.

There is still so much to do at Dad's house. I managed to get his safe sorted out. Dad was by business records like he was by everything else - he never threw a thing away! I don't even know why he owned trash cans!

I am hopeful that Reed will be able to converse while I am in Amarillo. Heidi's updates indicate that he is getting better by the hour!

It's time to get the computer packed up and start edging toward the door. Look for a Reed update on The Ramble tomorrow.

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Phillipia said...

Have a good journey, Rock.
Be safe.