Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Short Night

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Another early morning, another airport.  I am back at the infamous Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix waiting for another plane.  This flight will be to Denver, followed immediately with a flight to Springfield, Missouri, where I will hop in a rental car for a two-hour drive to West Plains, Missouri.  By tonight I will have finally seen all of my kids and grandkids since returning from Okinawa.

My alarm went off at two a.m. this morning in order to get ready and make it to the car park and airport (across town) two hours prior to my 5:50 a.m. flight.  There still aren't too many people here, so check-in was relatively simple for a change.  A very nice lady at the check-in counter convinced me to throw away my shaving cream (which was almost empty anyway) and toothpaste in order that I might take my small suitcase onto the plane with me and save the  $25.00 bag fee.   That ill-conceived fee has resulted in everyone trying to stuff everything in the overhead storage compartments. - and the belly of the plane is undoubtedly a big, empty echo chamber!  How long will it be until the airlines begin putting seats there?

There is a bit of outrageous news in the Valley of Hell this morning - the feds have decided not to press criminal charges against Joe Arpaio.  Tyranny lives.  Hopefully the people pursuing the civil charges against our geriatric sheriff will be more committed to seeing justice done.

More later from the road.

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