Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wasted Weekend

by Pa Rock
Potted Palm

This blog is being written at the "Genius Bar" of the Apple Store at the Arrowhead Mall in Phoenix.  It is a crazy place, full of loud and obnoxious people, definitely not the type of place where decent people should congregate.

Unfortunately for me, this is the second day in a row that I have wasted at the Genius Bar.  I am, in fact, planted on the very same stool at which I sat for the better part of yesterday.

I came to the Apple Store on Saturday to take a class on how to use my new Mac Air Book.  The annoying girl who "taught" the class spoke to fast, and replied to every question and comment with "That's a really good question."  Most of the questions, of course, were not really good ones.  Instead of teaching things about how the computer worked or showing us how to use shortcuts, she announced to the ten of us there that she would just answer our questions.  That meant that the loudest and most obnoxious of the ten people assembled got to run the class.  We spent an hour learning about iPhoto because that was what the screechy harpy sitting next to me wanted to know about.

After the class I made an appointment to go to the Genius Bar where hopefully the geniuses would help me to install two software programs that I recently purchased.  The first available appointment was four hours later - so instead of driving home - all the way across Phoenix - I sat in the mall and read.  When my appointment time finally arrived, they installed one program easily and told me the other wouldn't work because it required Windows.

I went home and emailed the software developer in England asking for a refund or a different version of his product.  This morning I received a reply telling me of another product that I would need to buy in order to make his work.  I did that, and then drove back to the Apple Store so they could help me install both.

The new software loaded easily - though it took about thirty minutes.  Then I learned that in order to make it work, I would need a Windows installation disk installed in my computer.

Apple, of course, doesn't sell Windows, but a good Samaritan sitting next to me helped me buy one over the Internet and begin the install.  (Apple won't install anything "Windows" either.)  That process is going on two hours, and I am still sitting, taking up space, at the Genius bar.

I feel like anything but a genius.

The good Samaritan told me that these guys aren't geniuses either.

I'm hungry, I'm cranky, and I'm going to sit here until I get all of my software installed - or until hell freezes over.

And now the Windows software has finished loading...yeah!  And I just learned that the genius who has been helping me has gone to lunch.  Lucky bastard!

So I am still planted - and it's getting a little colder in hell.

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Anonymous said...

Our I.T. guys refer to it as "Crapple"--they are fiercly pro-Windows. It's all designed to make us feel inadequate no matter which one we try to use!