Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy 33rd Birthday, Tim Macy!

by Pa Rock
Proud Papa

My youngest, Tim, turned thirty-three today.  Tim and I are antipodal with our birthdays being exactly six-months apart.  He was born on the first day of fall, 1979, in Mountain View, Missouri.  It was a Sunday, and as his mother and I headed to the hospital, we dropped his older brother and sister off with friends at church.

Being the son of school teachers, Tim was riding buses to ballgames with me when he was still in diapers.  One of his first big public appearances was as the demonstration baby in the high school home economics class where he served as the model on how to bath a baby.

Tim was the family daredevil.  When he was just a toddler he would scare the other little tykes out of the kiddie pool by running and jumping into the middle of the pool.  He also had a little "car"about the size of a skateboard that he would ride down into the sinkhole that made up our back yard - when he was just barely walking.   He was less than three-years-old when we moved to Noel, and one way he marked the new house as his was to jump off of the stone ledge that surrounded the front porch - a drop of about eight feet!  The kid knew no fear!

And Tim is still fearless, but now he has directed his fortitude into writing.  He has braved horizons that few young people even dream about.

I could not be prouder of Tim!    He is a great son!

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