Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Modern World

by Pa Rock
Old Fart

Tonight finds me with the Kansas City Macy's (Tim and Erin - not the store).  We will get up before daylight tomorrow and head out for Canada.  The Toronto Film Festival should be quite an experience!

Boone taught me how to engage with  Siri, the iPhone muse, while I was in West Plains, and today Tim has taught me how to text, and then how to text using voice only.  The iPhone and Siri both seem to like my voice and are able to follow my commands without much in the way of corrections.  Tim also gave me a few of the basics on taking pictures with my phone and then sharing them with others.  It all seems to be something that I can master, but I don't think that I like texting - it seems to get too involved and protracted.  When I hang up on someone, I want to stay hung up - and not have to keep responding to bits of textual conversation.

We had dinner this evening at Minsky's Pizza Joint, which serves a really good pizza.  Olive had little bits of baked apple that looked wonderful to me, but she kept spitting them up.  She was finally content to gum on some small pieces of pizza crust.

The movie that was playing at the Ozark Theatre in Noel back in 1969 on the weekend that the train blew up was The Night They Raided Minksy's.    The poster remained in the shattered window for weeks or even months until the repairs were made - and I never did get to see the movie.    Just a train-of-thought-thing (pun intended) connected to eating at Minsky's tonight.

I couldn't sleep last night due to all of the tension associated with dealing with renters in Noel, and probably because I drank iced tea at supper - always a mistake - so I am hopeful that tonight I will sleep like a bear!

More tomorrow from Canada.

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