Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Reprieve from the Heat

by Pa Rock
Desert Rat

This week marks two months since I have been back in the Valley of Hell, and every day of those two months has been marred by unholy hot temperatures.  But today, out of the blue, things were suddenly pleasant - not just cooler, but pleasant!  I never listen to weather reports because the weather out here tends to never vary, so this sudden change in temperature was a complete and utter (and most welcome) surprise!

I did hear that it is supposed to warm back up later in the week, but hey, I'll take  one or two days of comfort every two months.  I'm not proud!

I'm still unpacking and sorting.  I try to empty two boxes a day, and this evening I managed to empty five!    So now instead of being unpacked by Christmas, I am bearing down on Thanksgiving!

This weekend I am taking in two plays.  A local group at Luke is putting on "Beetlejuice," Friday and Saturday nights.  I plan on attending Friday.  They did one play when I was here before, "The Devil and Daniel Webster," which served as a pleasant night out, so I am anxious to see this offering.  Saturday I am going downtown to see "Parallel Lives," which sounds like it will be worth the drive across Phoenix.  I only saw two live plays the entire time I was on Okinawa, so it will really be good to get back into the theatre scene here in Arizona.

And if they weather is decent this weekend, well - that's just gravy!

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