Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kansas City by Moonlight

by Pa Rock
High Flyer

Here I sit in yet another airport an hour before dawn.  I am at Kansas City International awaiting a flight to Washington, DC, and then a flight to Toronto.  Apparently there are not many people on this flight and they have just scheduled us onto a smaller plane.  I overheard the pilot saying that that means he will make less money.  Just what I needed - an unhappy pilot!

KCI used to be a very unhappy airport, but this morning everyone that I encountered was cheerful.  I don't know what brought about this change - but it is most welcome.

I talked to a wizened little man this morning who had to throw away his shaving cream because the container was more than four ounces.  I told him that I had thrown mine away in Phoenix.  We both agreed that we would rather deal with terrorists than put up will all of the TSA nonsense.

Tim and Erin - and Baby Olive- are on a different flight, one that goes through Chicago.  We are supposed to arrive in Toronto at almost exactly the same time.

Baby Olive and I had so much fun yesterday and last night.  She was very focused on me and headed straight for me every time anyone put her down.  She is a little laugher and smiler.  The last time I remember a baby being that fascinated with me, it was my daughter Molly.

More later from north of the border.

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Anonymous said...

She is a delight isn't she. I love when you are traveling with them because I can keep up with whats going on through your blog. I am happy you are there with them. Have fun!