Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting Framed

by Pa Rock
Art Collector

One of the local craft stores (not Hobby Lobby - I'm boycotting them) has been offering a big special on framing art - 60% off.  I rushed down there this morning with some treasures that I brought back from the Far East:  two Japanese kites and three propaganda posters from Vietnam.  This was the last day of the sale and I wanted to get this work done on the cheap.

What I learned is that framing art would be a fine business to be in.  Even at sixty percent off, the total for the five pieces would have covered the cost of a nice couch, which I also need.  Regular price would have bought a fairly good used car!

To recoup the price of getting the art framed, I am going to have to begin charging a modest fee for visiting in my home.  Guests will be treated to some really fine art displays from my various wanderings, but the line will have to keep moving because seating is severely limited without the couch.    Hors d'oevures will be extra.

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