Monday, September 10, 2012

Birther Fest Flops

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Joe Arpaio had a bit of good news last week when the Feds announced that they were not going to file any criminal charges against our windbag of a sheriff.   But that was then, and this is now - and now the publicity-seeking lawman has hit a bump on the ego expressway.

Old Joe, whose crime-busting is usually focused on tame pursuits like harassing maids, cooks, and landscapers or investigating the family history of Barack Obama, had been planning to hold a really big birther rally in Phoenix on September 22nd.  Pat Boone was going to be there to croon about writing love letters in the sand, and a former Army officer named Terry Lakin was going to stir the crowd with tales of his heroism for refusing to serve in Afghanistan because he felt that our black President was not really an American.

(Lakin went to prison for declining to serve in the war zone, and now his minions are making noise on the Internet asking people to pressure the President to grant him a pardon.   So I guess that our President, who doesn't have the Constitutional authority to wage war, does have the authority to pardon a coward.   Go figure.)

Anyway, Old Joe was going to lead this motley crew in some sort of right-wing laugh-a-palooza for the modest price of just $10 a ticket, proceeds of which were going into Joe's political war chest - already reported to be in excess of $4 million.  But after weeks of shamelessly hyping the event, tickets weren't selling and Joe was forced to pull the plug.

Not to worry though.  If there's a way to get in front of a camera, Sheriff Joe will find it.   He can always put together an immigrant sweep and tie up traffic for hours on end.  And he doesn't have to worry about financing those staged events - the taxpayers take care of that for him.

(I still can't believe all of those old biddies in Sun City didn't want to convoy across town in golf carts and throw their pantaloons at Pat Boone!)

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