Monday, September 3, 2012

A Drive Through the Ozarks

by Pa Rock
Road Warrior

Today I drove through a nice slice of the Ozarks - from West Plains, Missouri, south to Mountain Home and Harrison, Arkansas, and across the top of the state to Fayetteville - home of the Razorbacks!

The drive was beautiful, with twisting roads meandering through the lush, green Ozark hills. (Everything is lush and green when compared to Arizona!)  The route led through many small towns, each with their own distinct identities - such as one place that advertised itself as the "Trout Capital of the World."  I did manage to get temporarily lost while leaving Harrison and was halfway to Branson before I realized that I had missed a turn.

The big news from Branson, that I heard over and over on the car radio, is that Andy Williams is celebrating his 75th year in show business, and his place, the Moon River Theatre is hosting a variety of aging stars over the next few weeks - including Debbie Reynolds, Frankie Avalon, and Pat and Debby Boone.  But apparently Andy Williams himself will not be appearing.

Branson loves its old white entertainers.

And so does Phoenix.  There is some sort of Teabagger Fest occurring in the Valley of Hell this month, and Pat Boone will be appearing there also - along with windbag Joe Arpaio.

Tonight I am at my sister's apartment in Fayetteville.  Her three kids who live in the local area (Tiffany, Reed, and Justin) along with their spouses and children all came over to see me.  They are such a nice group of young people.  I got to meet the newest member of the clan - Aiden Shamus Burke - who is just three weeks old!  He is a cutie - just like his mother, Tiffany.  His two older sisters, Brittany and Brieanna, were here also.  They are very busy little girls - and very cute!  Graham Edward Smith was also here.  I was at the hospital last September when he was born.  He is a red-headed heart-breaker!

Tomorrow I am headed to Noel to try and resolve some issues with property there.  This is what is called a working vacation!

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