Friday, September 21, 2012

Where Can I Buy a Dancing Horse?

by Pa Rock

Mitt Romney is right.  Nearly half of America is comprised of deadbeats, cheats, and moochers, people who feel entitled to being taken care of by the government.   The issue though, the way I see it, is which half?

Romney, a conniving con-artist of the first order, is a prime example of a moocher, and much of his “class” (the rich, our betters) are little more than sleazeball grifters out to relieve our government of as much national wealth as possible – and then put it where the sun doesn’t shine, such as inside of a big  Swiss vault high up in the Alps.

I’m not saying that Mittens is a tax cheat, although he has passed on numerous opportunities to prove that he isn’t.  What I am saying is this:  the tax laws have in this country have been written by the minions of the filthy-rich and continually favor their interests.

Romney loves to state that he has not broken any tax laws, and he probably hasn’t – though us common folk will never have the means of finding out.  But he doesn’t really have to break tax laws, because most of the IRS tax code was designed as a “break” for him and his ilk.

A few weeks ago I got a notice out of the blue that I owed the state of Missouri $1,600 for the year 2010.   While $1,600 would probably not even buy lunch for the Romney’s, it represented a big hit in the wallet to me.  Yesterday I got a letter stating that my wonderful tax preparer had gotten it reduced to $31.00.  Unfortunately, in that very same pile of mail, I also got a notice from the Feds saying that I owe them over four grand for the same year.  I am hopeful that my tax preparer will be able to right this outrageous injustice also.

But what really fans my flames is the fact that the government is so blasted quick to peruse the files of the common folks.   Do those IRS bean counters sort through the files of the very rich with such gusto?   Do they harass the people called “corporations” with the same unflinching aggressiveness as they do me and thee?  Somehow I doubt that the IRS spends much time screwing with people who have platoons of accountants and tax lawyers – the shysters who know how to find and exploit all of the breaks that have been written into the tax code to save money for the master class.

Trickle down, my ass!  (Did you read where recently even a former Bain economist said that “trickle down” doesn’t work?  It just gives the rich more money to hoard away.)

Here’s a tax break to end all tax breaks:  the Romney’s get a $70,000 write-off for Ann’s dancing horse.   Seventy grand and she doesn’t even own the whole horse!  Seventy grand and the old nag doesn’t even pull a plow! (Of course, Annie didn’t have to do much work either - just help her domestics raise the boys – so she and her horse probably have a sisterhood thing going on.)  You’d think for seventy-grand they could at least get Prancing Pauline booked on Dancing with the Stars!

There has got to be a better way to get by than going to work every day and spending my evenings fighting with the IRS.  Where do I go to get me one of them dancing horses?

Does Craig’s List have a category for tap-dancing jack-asses?

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