Sunday, September 2, 2012

Important Update from the Toronto Film Festival

by Pa Rock
Proud Parent (and Grandparent)

Tim just called with news regarding the Toronto Film Festival.  We will be flying up there on Thursday, and his movie, The Brass Teapot, premiers Saturday in a theatre that seats six hundred.  He called to reserve our tickets today just as they went on sale - and was shocked to learn that all six hundred tickets had sold in less than ten minutes.  In fact, the first two showings (of three) have sold out.  He described not being able to get  tickets to a movie that he wrote as "a problem," but I told him that it was a really good problem.  Obviously the movie is getting some great buzz!

Unfortunately, the third showing (which is also headed toward selling out) will air after we have returned to the States.

The movie's director is trying to get tickets for Tim and Erin.  I will be more than happy to sit in the lobby and play with Olive.   She is my star!

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