Friday, August 31, 2012

Clint Eastwood Makes Obama's Day

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I haven't had the cable in my military quarters hooked up yet - and may not, but even if it was hooked up I wouldn't have been watching the crabby old white men's convention in Tampa.  I mean, what would be the point?  It's all been so scripted, so fake. so entirely predictable - or at least it was until last night.  Last night was reportedly one of the most memorable nights in the history of political conventions - and I missed it!

But the Internet replays have been profuse and hysterical!

All week long the GOP (God's Own Party) has been hyping a mystery guest for Thursday night, the same night that their country club nominee was to deliver his acceptance speech.  The mystery guest would be Champagne Mitt's warm-up act.  Then on Thursday, they let the name slip - just to be sure people would tune in.   The mystery, warm-up speaker was Clint Eastwood!  Yup, Dirty Harry was coming to Tampa to make Mitt's day!

And of all the dumb things that the Romney campaign has done over the past year, bringing Clint on stage was undoubtedly the dumbest.  The former star of spaghetti westerns and San Francisco police action-dramas is a mature eighty-two-years-old - but he looks and sounds a hundred-and-ten.  Rumor has it that he showed up with prepared remarks but cast them aside before walking onto the stage.   He is Clint Effing Eastwood, after all, a true Hollywood star.   Why the hell would he need notes?

So Clint winged it, and Tampa, and indeed much of the nation, spent the next twenty minutes either cringing or laughing hysterically - depending on political affiliation.  Unfortunately for the GOP, they were the ones cringing!

Clint had a prop set up on stage - an empty chair for the comfort of an imaginary Barack Obama.  He proceeded to interrupt his remarks to the audience with asides to the imaginary Obama.  It was a sad diatribe from a once-formidable actor and director - much of which made little or no sense.  The only two things America knew for sure after the center-stage train wreck  was that Clint has definitely lost it - and the Romney campaign is being run by a bunch of goofy amateurs.

(One guy on Twitter this morning gave Clint some credit by saying that he was actually very representative of Republican delegates - an angry old white man talking to an imaginary Obama!)

Sadly for the tax cheat from Massachusetts, there was much more talk about Clint's speech today than there was about his own acceptance monologue.

Old Clint may not have made Mitt's day, but he sure as hell made Obama's!

Harry Callahan, you rock!

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