Monday, August 13, 2012

One Night Only - Without Furniture

by Pa Rock
Hardy Camper

Tonight I will be sleeping on an un-assembled futon without benefit of sheets or blankets.  (I do have a couple of pillows.)  The whole experience will be very primitive, or rustic if you will.  But it will only be for one night because my household goods arrived in Phoenix today and will be delivered early in the morning.  Yeah!  I'll have my big iron bed which has followed me into four states and to Okinawa!  That will be wonderful!

I tried to call the Apple Store at Arrowhead Mall in Phoenix today to see if my new computer was ready.  The  phone was answered by voice recognition software that was very insistent on learning all about my issue before transferring me to a human.  The poor software finally got tired of being verbally abused and brought a human onto the line.   The human was working at a call center!  Eventually I called the home office in Cupertino and talked to their voice recognition software.   By the time I got out to Arrowhead to pick up my purchase, I was barely functioning on a human level myself.

But my little computer is home now and I am learning how to use it.

It's late.  Now I am going to put this entry to rest, brush my teeth, sing a couple of camp songs, and try to sleep on my flat-footed futon!  Tomorrow will be a very long day!

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