Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Heat, It Did Retreat

by Pa Rock
Half-Baked Typist

It has rained the past two nights in the western part of the Valley of Hell - long, slow, pleasant rains with just the right amount of wind gusts, lightening, and thunder.  Two nights in a row!  That absolutely never happened during the three years that I lived here before going to Okinawa.   My yard is green,  and the air is suddenly free of dust!

It's supposed to start getting hot again tomorrow, but early tomorrow morning I will be on a plane heading out to see Molly and her family in Oregon.  (We are meeting at a hotel in Portland and will spend Friday and Saturday having fun with the three Files kids.  This trip will be my introduction to little Willow, my youngest grandchild.)

The movers came today and spent a couple of hours unloading the stuff that I left in storage here while I was overseas.  It was almost like Christmas, opening boxes of things that I had completely forgotten about.  Of course now I have boxes stacked everywhere, and it will probably be Christmas before I get them all opened and put away!

Neil Diamond is coming to the Valley next week, and so is David Partridge Cassidy.  Crosby, Stills, and Nash will have a concert at the Phoenix Symphony Hall on September 4th.   The latter is the only one that appeals to me, but I will be on the road again when CS and N are in town.  Maybe they will swing through again in a few months and bring Y with them.  That's a show I wouldn't want to miss!

Who knew Phoenix had a Symphony Hall?    It's probably sandwiched between two gun shops and across the street from a massage parlor!

Portland tomorrow - carpe diem!

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