Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Big Iron Bed

by Pa Rock
Unpacker and Stacker

The movers arrived an hour late and spent most of the day unloading their truck and loading my home. There was no serious breakage that I am aware of yet, but there are still some boxes to be opened and gone through.  I bought many plastic tubs on Okinawa that were used in the move for items that I wanted to have extra protection, and several of the lids for those tubs were broken.  That surprised me because they appeared to be indestructible.

The best news of the day is that my big iron bed is assembled.  I am washing the linens right now.  (There was a mold and mildew issue on some of the furniture, and  some of the linens and towels felt damp, so I am going to wash everything.  Does anyone know how to get mold off of wood?  Two of my nice bookcases arrived covered in gray mold.)

My youngest son, Tim, and his wonderful wife Erin, found a washer and dryer for me on Craig's List, and the fellow, a young Hispanic man named Alex, delivered them this evening.  He brought new washer hoses and a spare pigtail for the dryer to make sure he had one that would work.  Alex did all of the heavy lifting by himself, though I volunteered to help, and he ran both machines to show me that they worked properly.

Joe Arpaio may use the Hispanic community to scare his cadre of elderly white voters, but by-and-large, the Hispanics that I know in Phoenix are exceptionally fine people.  Alex certainly made my day better.

I had a very nice surprise tonight.  Don Hunsberger, a newspaperman from Florida who reads the Ramble and often posts insightful comments, called - and we had a good visit.  Don and I have communicated back and forth by email for some time, and it was really good getting to talk with him.  Don and Mike Box and I ought to take a political road trip and see what kind of shenanigans we could get into!   Maybe we could spend a few nights driving around Phoenix stealing Arpaio yard signs!

Okay, its getting late and the goofiness is setting in.  Time to get the sheets our of the dryer and hit the sack!

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