Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The GOP Wallows in Dumb

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Okay, we all knew that the Republican gathering in Tampa this week would not be rife with intelligent thought, but the level of oral stupidity emanating from the convention and its environs almost defies belief.

Take Arizona’s sun-dried governor, for instance.    Jan Brewer, who built her national reputation by supporting and signing Arizona’s racist Senate Bill 1070, is now accusing President Obama of “race-baiting” Hispanics!    I’m not sure how that works in the real world, but out on the landing strip between Brewer's ears it is obvious that if Hispanics are voting Democratic, it must be because Obama is trying to make Republicans look racist. 

Note to the Sand Hag:    Take another spin or two on your bar stool and try to clear your head.  There is absolutely nothing that the President could do that would make your party look any more racist than its own history and legislative record.    The Republican Party gave up on being inclusive and a friend to minorities in the 1960’s – and now their lily-white conservative base is getting older, and older, and older.  You snoozed.  You lost.  Deal with it.

Radio bully Rush Limbaugh, who is not at the convention but still basically runs the GOP show, espoused an interesting theory yesterday in which he postulated that the Republicans cancelled the first day of their convention due to a faulty government weather report – a report that was manipulated by President Obama.  After Rush had released his gas for five minutes or so on this grand conspiracy theory, he concluded:  “That’s unbelievable!”

That just goes to prove that even Rush Limbaugh can be right on rare occasions?  His theory is truly “unbelievable,” like so much of what the radio misogynist spews into his microphone.

Today Rush was still fixated on Hurricane Isaac.  Hurricane Andrew in 1992 helped to wreck the presidency of the first President Bush, and seven years ago Hurricane Katrina highlighted what a clueless boob the second President Bush was.    Rush and undoubtedly many other Republicans are in panic mode, worried that if Isaac generates a lot of destruction, President Obama will be right on top of things and again remind the nation of how inept frat boys are at handling natural disasters.

Rush began by saying that the delegates in Florida should be ready to send aid to New Orleans if it became necessary - buses, perhaps.  But then he gave in to his cynical and racist nature.  Rush suggested that Republicans send bags of cash to fortify the levees, and after they are in place, announce it so that the poor of New Orleans would rush out and destroy the levees themselves by pulling the bags of money out.  Then, he said there would be less Democrats (read "less blacks") to deal with after the levees broke.

That's dumb, even for Rush!

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