Friday, August 24, 2012

Traveling Man

by Pa Rock
Winged Warrior

My dream is to live someplace where I can travel in comfort, with a modicum of dignity, without being subjected to the thievery and barbarism of airlines and airports.   Someplace close to an Amtrak station would suit my needs.  Of course, if the Koch-head brother succeed in buying the election, President Romney will sell Amtrak's trains to China and turn its tracks over to the military!

I am at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, a bastion of suffering and indignity.  The first issue was my assigned window seat that I wanted to trade for one on the aisle.  There was one aisle seat left, on an exit row (which meant I could wind up working for the airline in the event of an emergency), and the sweet lady at ticketing told me that I could have it for the bargain price of just twenty-five dollars.  I told her to keep her aisle seat.

The next obstacle was the baggage-check.  I had one small bag to check, an heirloom of my father's.   As it was being tagged, the baggage lady told me that would be twenty-five dollars!   That was my penance for not forking over the dough to the first bandit.

Then, of course, was the worst experience of all in most airports - dealing with the bullies and small-town-cop wannabes who work for the Transportation Security Administration, commonly referred to as the "TSA," among other things.   After I had gotten everything conceivable into their plastic tubs, I started to step through the X-ray when I realized that my wallet was still in my pocket.  I politely asked the uniformed Komodo Dragon if I needed to place it in the tubs.  A "yes" or "no" question, right?  She snarled (spittle emanating from her oral cavity - the whole bit) that I needed to read the sign!

Yes, ma'am - bitch.

On a more positive note, it has now been almost five years since personnel at Sky Harbor have killed a passenger - at least as far as I know - but I have been gone for two years!

Soon I will be in Portalnd, Oregon, one of the most progressive cities in the United States with an exceptional airport.  These sandbillies could learn a lot from Portland, but learning is not a priority in Jan Brewer's Arizona.

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