Monday, August 27, 2012

And Now, a Message from God

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The Republican Party's celebration of hate and bigotry was gaveled to order today - and then immediately put on hold until tomorrow due to concerns over Hurricane Isaac.  Apparently they also lost a convention day four years ago because of the weather.    While it would be easy to blame all of the bad weather on God having her fill of the pious and odious GOP, Democrats are too tactful to waste their collective breath on the obvious.

Republicans, however, love to do just that.  Michele Bachmann, Pat Robertson, and Mike Huckabee have histories of blaming unpleasant natural phenomenon on their angry God.  Bachmann even referred to Isaac as a "hurricane of spirituality," with the storm's target being the sinful United States in general, but certainly not God's Own Party.

I saw a funny line on Twitter yesterday that essentially said if the hurricane had caused Democrats to lose a day of their convention, Republicans would be shouting for the whole world to hear that it was because God was angry over the Democrats' support of gay marriage.

Hurricane Isaac has veered away from Florida and is now headed toward New Orleans - and those poor souls are still trying to recover from Katrina.  Republicans, being sensitive types (when they aren't out slashing the FEMA budget) are very concerned about the danger posed by Isaac.  The danger, as they see it, is that the storm could wreak so much havoc on the Gulf Coast that the major networks would cover the convention with a "split screen" to keep the public abreast of the storm.  If things became too serious with the weather, the networks might even cut away from the rich white folks' party for storm coverage.  God forbid!

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Anonymous said...

LOL All crap, but well written and funny crap. Yup, I'm an independent . . .

What's really funny about this whole political upheaval is that I've heard the same rhetoric from the republican side and I've made the same comment: all crap. I wish they'd put a "none of the above" box on the ballot this year.