Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Second Coming of Joe McCarthy

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

If the past week was any indication, Republican politicians and their celebrity butt-kissers will have to send for ladders if they expect to rise to a level where they can even fight in the sewers.  Allen West, a Republican congressman from Florida and clearly one of the dumbest people ever to serve in Congress, told voters in his district that he has heard that "over eighty" of his Democratic colleagues are communists.   And instead of being properly embarrassed by making such an absurd statement, he promptly sent out mailers trumpeting his remark and asking for campaign contributions.

That was followed by geriatric rock star Ted Nugent going absolutely nuts at the NRA convention in St. Louis and referring to President Obama as "vile" and "evil," and then extolling the gathering of dentally challenged gun-rights activists to chop off the heads of Democrats in November.  He also went on to mention that there are some "corrupt monsters in the federal government under this administration" and "communist czars that he (Obama) has appointed."

Communists.  There's that word again.  Today it is difficult to even find a communist in Eastern Europe or Russia, yet these yahoos think that America is rife with them.  Communists, it would seem, include anyone who disagrees with Allen West or Ted Nugent  - and that covers a lot of people, myself included.

Name-calling and bullying.  Didn't we get past that type of politics in the 1950's.  West and Nugent are every bit as vile and contemptible as the late Joe McCarthy, and, like McCarthy, they seem to be operating without a sense of decency.  If the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mr. Romney, fails to call them out on their incendiary remarks, then he too suffers from a lack of decency and will have ownership in the results of their unbridled hate-spewing.

It's time to man-up, Mitt, and do the right thing.  Denounce these red-baiters and bring the political discourse into the twenty-first century.


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Clark said...

So if a Republican says something ridiculous, you're going to hold another Republican accountable for it? Do you hold Barack Obama accountable for every crazy thing other Democrats say?