Friday, April 27, 2012

Demonizing Sandra Fluke

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Sandra Fluke is a law student at George Washington University who also happens to be a very bright and very well-read contraception-access advocate.  She knows the topic so well that when Congressman Darrell Issa decided to have a hearing on the subject of whether government should mandate insurance companies to pay for contraception, Democratic members of Issa's committee (the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee) wanted her name added to the witness list.  Those silly Democrats thought that the list of witnesses, all male and all with religious affiliations, could do with a little balance.

But Congressman Issa wasn't having any of that fair-and-balanced crap in his committee meeting.  Ms. Fluke was not permitted to testify.

The Democrats on Issa's committee then decided to hold their own meeting and hear the learned and female perspective of Ms. Fluke.  She gave powerful testimony and would have quickly faded into the political background if Rush Limbaugh hadn't decided to get involved.

The loud and always arrogant Limbaugh went on a tirade regarding Ms. Fluke for three days - February 29-March 2, 2012 - in which roared his disapproval of government-mandated contraception coverage and his particular disdain of the young lady who carried the message to Congress.  Limbaugh called Ms. Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute."  He also said that if government was going to fund her birth control, the taxpayers deserved to see videos of Sandra Fluke enjoying the sex that they were helping to fund.

Over a hundred sponsors of Limbaugh's radio show cancelled their advertising on his program and some stations even quit broadcasting the show as a result of Limbaugh's vulgar and mean three-day tirade.  (Unfortunately, the Armed Forces Radio Network was not among the outlets that cancelled.)  Eventually the loud-mouthed radio personality felt it in the checkbook and apologized.

Now, nearly two months later, another conservative entertainer has also blasted Sandra Fluke in a public forum.  Monica Crowley, a Fox talker, learned that Fluke had gotten engaged to be married, and tweeted:  "To a man?"  Crowley quickly coughed up a weak apology saying that her remark had been a joke - and she had just proven that liberals have no sense of humor.

So which is it, geniuses?  Is Sandra Fluke an insatiable slut who is constantly having sex with men and thus is in need of all the birth control that she can stuff into her body - or is she a lesbian with no need at all for birth control.   Can't you people have an occasional meeting to get your slander straight?

Both remarks sound like textbook examples of projection.

To Sandra Fluke's credit, she did not seem to take the Crowley remark too personally, but she did point out that whether it was said it jest or not, it was homophobic.   (Hate speech from a Fox News personality -shocking!)

Congratulations, Sandra, on your upcoming marriage to Adam.  President Obama has said that your parents must be very proud of you - and I know that he is right.   You are an amazing young woman!

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