Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baby Olive Spends the Night in Tokyo

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

Baby Olive and her parents missed their flight out of Tokyo's Narita Airport tonight and will now arrive on Okinawa tomorrow shortly after noon.

International flights can be a real challenge, and especially very long ones like Los Angeles to Tokyo.  Once the plane lands in a foreign country, passengers must get all of their baggage gathered up and go through Immigration and Customs - which can be a time-consuming process as well as a major hassle.

But the good news is that by spending the night on mainland Japan, Olive and her parents should arrive on Japan's southernmost prefecture nicely rested - and that is works out well because Pa Rock already has plans to take them to dinner with some of his friends at Kadena Marina late in the afternoon.

Valerie and I did make it to the Naha Airport tonight and waited out the first flight in from Narita.  We had a good time exploring the airport, and Valerie, who has never known a stranger for long, made friends with a lady from France and her chihuahua named Gizmo.  I stepped away for just a minute and when I returned Gizmo was on Valerie's lap and licking her face!  So the evening was enjoyable even if the Kansas City Macy's weren't able to join us.

The real fun starts tomorrow!

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