Friday, April 20, 2012

And Let's Not Forget Jeb

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist 

Yesterday I referenced a political article in The Huffington Post in which columnist Jon Ward discussed twelve possible Vice-Presidential picks that Mitt Romney may be considering - and I added two more of my own, bringing the total to fourteen.  Ward began his article quoting some sage advice from former Mississippi governor and serial pardoner Haley Barbour.  One caution that Governor Barbour had to offer was that the selection should be held up until the very last minute because things could always change.

And, right on cue, along comes Vice-Presidential candidate number fifteen.  Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida and the only intelligent son of George H.W. and Barbara, announced yesterday that he might look favorably on a chance to become Romney's running mate.  The entire Bush family has already endorsed Romney, and Barbara even stated her preference for Mitt back in 2008.   (White, moneyed, ivy league background - what's not to love?)

Jeb did have the good grace to say that he thought Romney should consider Florida Senator Marco Rubio for the veep position first, but if that didn't work out, Jeb might be willing to step forward and lend his proud family name to the bumper stickers and yard signs in the coming election.

"Reject Diversity:  Romney-Bush 2012!"


Don said...

Good call, Rock!
As a matter of fact, Jeb said today that he'd probably accept the Veepship if offered, but that he didn't expect it.
He added that Rubio would be a far better "Florida" choice.

Xobekim said...

Romney is in a deep hole. The facts don't back his argument on the economy vs. Obama. It is going to be easy to lay the lag in recovery at the feet of obstructionist Republicans in the Congress.

The problem with women is like a scab that Romney or one of his supporters has to pick at daily.

He needs someone with military credentials. I am guessing he'll take a hard look at Lindsay Graham before he hauls off and does something stupid.

That means he'll pick a light weight like Janet Brewer.

Jeb is too smart to play Estes Kefauver to Mitts right wing mirror of Adlai Stevenson!