Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baby Olive Visits Kadena Marina

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

The Kansas City Macy's arrived on Okinawa just after one o'clock this afternoon.  They had to spend last night at a hotel on mainland Japan and were bused across Tokyo to a different airport for the flight south this morning. A couple of people getting off the plane on Okinawa with Tim and Erin were commenting about what a wonderful baby they had - and they were so right!

Baby Olive is the sweetest thing!  She has been in airplanes almost constantly for the past couple of days, and is just so happy and playful!  And she is so pretty - red hair and bright blue eyes!

This afternoon we took her for a stroll along Araha Beach, and tonight we had dinner with three of my best friends - Valerie, Nefredia, and Murphy - at Kadena Marina - the place where 700 American ships massed for the initial assault on the Japanese stronghold of Okinawa during April of 1945.  Olive flirted with everyone at our table.

It has been beautiful here today - just the sort of day that a person would want to welcome family to this island.  

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Anonymous said...

She is a joyful and beautiful little girl! So glad you are all having a good time!