Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Michele Bachmann Completely Disconnects from Reality

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I hated it when Michele Bachmann pulled her hat out of the Republican presidential ring because I figured the fun was certain to end with her departure from the national stage.  Fortunately along came surges by a whole host of heartless clowns, and the stupidity kept on rolling.  Now, sadly, it appears as those the days of multiple Republican candidates are numbered and the Grand Old Tea Party will be left with only Mitt Romney, a man who, though generally is duller than dishwater, does make the occasional sad gaffe due to his complete inability to identify with anyone making less than seven figures.

But the fun may not be over.  It appears that the irrepressible Ms. Bachmann has again found her unique political voice and put her act back on the road.  This week while appearing on Sean Hannity's radio program she uttered what has to be one of the classic pieces of nonsense for this entire election cycle.  While railing against the President and our new national health care package, Michele shook her head one too many times and her brain became completely untethered.  She told Hannity that if 40 million Americans "choose" not to have health insurance, that is their business and government should stay out of their lives.

So, when it comes to middle and lower income Americans, Michele Bachmann is as clueless as Romney.

That is, in fairness to Bachmann and Romney, standard Republican tripe.  In their worldview, everyone chooses what they have in life.  The poor choose to be poor, black males choose to live in prisons, and people choose to do other things with their money in lieu of buying health insurance - such as eating, putting gas in their cars, or paying for shelter.  Those 40 million (actually it is over 50 million) uninsured Americans choose to spend their money on other things, and that Kenyan Muslim terrorist in the White House should damn well leave them alone. Nobody should be forced to have health insurance, and certainly nobody should be forced to buy it!  Who the hell does Obama think we are - Canadians?

Ms. Bachmann, of course, made other choices for herself.  She chose to make a living off of government foster care subsidies and government farm subsidies.   She chose to get elected to Congress so that she could have government funded health insurance.   She chose a husband who had the potential to make a living off of government Medicaid payments.   And she and Marcus chose to live in a  million dollar home next to a golf course.  Choices.  What could be simpler?

Michele, how many of your neighbors in that exclusive golf club estate are black?  Just wondering.

Life, it would seem, is full of choices, and that is a good thing.  Unless, of course, the subject is something where people should have no choices - such as in areas of women's reproductive health.  Vagina's are strictly in the domain of the Republican Party officials and their old, white, male God.  Conservative bureaucrats stand ready to make all sorts of healthcare decisions for women - particularly poor women.

Obviously Michele Bachmann's logic and Christian compassion are both so skewed that they are in danger  of falling off the edge of the planet.  She represents her party well.  It remains to be seen how well Mitt Romney will represent Republican values once his Etch-A-Sketch is shaken up and reset.

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