Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Olive Tours the Hood

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

Today we stayed fairly close to home.  We began the morning with a walk along Araha Beach where we watched some students practicing their soccer moves.  Next we went to a local grocery and department store where we had fresh pastries and did a little shopping.  Olive made several new friends in the store, mostly older Japanese women who seem fascinated with her red hair and blue eyes.   She grinned at everyone who talked to her.  After that, as we were walking home, we stopped at a McDonald's for a morning snack.

This afternoon we went back to Camp Foster and did some more shopping.  Olive again made friends with several people.   She always manages to turn on the charm if people approach who want to talk to her - even if she is feeling a little fussy.

Our final stop this evening was American Village where we walked through a couple of shops and finally came to a small restaurant where Olive's mother got to try some fresh sushi.  She said it was wonderful.  Olive and Pa Rock walked around while her mother and father ate their supper.

Tomorrow will be Olive's last full day on Okinawa, and we are talking about going downtown to Kokusai Street in Naha.  The street has many unique shops and even a big fish market. (Baby Olive may not like the smell of the fish market - but we'll see!)

Sunday Baby Olive will get on a plane and fly back to the United States - and Pa Rock will be so sad!

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Don said...

I must admit to a touch of envy as I follow from afar your adventures with baby Olive. Our grandchildren are the future and nothing is more important than to nurture them.