Saturday, April 21, 2012

And the Rains Came

by Pa Rock

I am so glad that Tim and his wonderful family came to Okinawa when they did because they managed to catch a beautiful week.  This past week, however, has not been so great.  We have had rain, rain, and more rain.  The air is heavy with humidity, and the clouds hang low and thick.

Last night some of us had planned to go to the annual festival at Ginowan City to celebrate Murphy's birthday.  The show ends with a gigantic fireworks display of 10,000 big boomers, and Murphy, a serious fireworks fan, had stated that was where he wanted to go for his birthday.  (Last year a group of us watched the show from the beach near my place. but he wanted to be right down among it this year.  The festival is about five miles south of where I live.)

Murphy and Valerie and I had dinner out in my hood hoping the rain would stop.  It slowed up, but didn't quit. We went back to my place assuming that the show would be cancelled, but a short time later we began to hear the booms of the show and could barely see the display through the distance and the rain.  Valerie decided she would drive us down into the activity to see what we could see.  After thirty minutes of driving through a downpour and in bumper-to-bumper traffic, we reached the park where the festival was being held.  People were leaving in droves, wearing rain slickers and gathered under umbrellas.  The man at the gate told us that there was no festival, but if we had tickets we could go in anyway.  We didn't have tickets, and we didn't go in.

But the fireworks continued unabated in the downpour!   They sounded great!

This birthday gathering was a wash!

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